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Who We Are

MARS found on 1990, 27 years in success and striving for the best standard of its products.
MARS is proud to be the master distributor for Physical Therapy , Occupation Therapy , Orthopedics , Rehabilitation and Home Care Products.
MARS can provide information and advice about the well being and health services to enable patients to take decision about their health care and that of their families.
New technologies in the physiotherapy field , physiotherapy equipments and Medical Aids and Rehabilitation Supply and the evolution of existing technologies look set to continue at a important speed. The only thing we can predict with any certainty is that in the future, as in today , MARS will use its vast experience and vision to maintain its continued growth.
Our aim has always been greatest customer satisfaction and the maintenance of high quality standards. The products we produce are designed to meet all expectations and requirements concerning quality availability and economic efficiency.
We are happy to have the opportunity to be part of your physio needs and to be cured in our center, if not yet we invite you to make a trial satisfaction. It is a future and challenge that we at MARS look forward to do both confidence and hope.



Our Products

It is always difficult to predict the future. The rapid growth rate of technology lends itself to only the most general thought. The reality however promises to be even more startling than any predication could be through out our high quality products that carry the certificate CE and FDA.

We can provide the long term guarantee for all our products in addition to a quick and full maintenance , fixation to the physical therapy machines through our professional engineers .

lumbo sacral brace

Semi rigid lumbosacral support , high frequency technique with adjustment straps.

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elastic knee brace

Knee support of soft and medium compression, breathable and with adjustment zone on the joint.

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Shoulder CPM Machine

The Centura TM Environment allows an early rehabilitation programme.Variable range of motion exercises contribute to relieve joint stiffness.

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Shoulder Wheel

Shoulder Wheel; size : 91cm(L)*45cm(W)*43cm(H), features : .5 section adjustable resistance.

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